Innovating Smart Transportation
of the Future Together.

beamSmart is excited to soon announce its customized IoE platform solution for smart transportation.
Our focus is on “Network of Drivers” who want to “Think Big” and consider the impact of:
Internet of Things, Shared Economy and Smart City

  • Reduce Expenses - Beam is not just an app. It is an end-to-end integrated system offering; Dispatching, Safety and
    Communication. It enables you to significantly reduced operation and capital costs.
  • New Sources of Revenues - Beam is not a traditional taxi service. Drivers have significant idle/waiting time. We use machine learning
    and geofencing to create more rides per driver using untraditional sources of revenue.
  • Customer Loyalty - Beam is not just a ride. Equipped with Next Generation Public Safety for people, assets and vehicle.
    Passenger are Connected and Protected.

Public Safety and
Homeland Security

Existing emergency response, communication and situational awareness has not kept pace with advances in broadband wireless and mobile technology.
beamSmart introduces “Broadband for Emergencies.” The first demonstration of the Internet of Everything with broadband technologies to protect lives and properties. We offer 3 distinct products through partnership with global device manufacturers, public safety agencies and service providers:

  • beam911 – Communicates vital information in seconds with public safety agencies.
  • beamRespond – End-to-end encrypted wireless communication for responders.
  • beamAlert – 2-way geo-fenced mass alert notification and warning system.
  • Streaming live video, GPS and text from any smartphone or device managed by machine learning.
  • Drastically enhances emergency response, improves communication and situational awareness.
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Beam Internets Everything
To keep people connected and protected.

  • Dispatch and Respond – Set a notification from any sensor or mobile device, auto dispatch and use Beam mobile technology to collaborate.
  • Connected Vehicle – Beam IoE platform - integrated with advanced OBD devices - delivers passenger safety, road-side assistance, cost-saving analytics and diagnostics and fleet management.
  • Connected and Protected Campus – Offers safety for residence and custom delivery of educational and personal content.
  • Smart Transportation – Connect passengers and drivers with valuable safety and ride information.
  • Delivery and Logistic – Share min-by-min location, ETA, status and other custom information for a delivery with customer, client and driver.
  • Connected Enterprise – Unified IoE communication, content sharing and notification that connects information, mobile assets and employees together.
  • Connected Sensors – Stream live, create instant alerts and generate analytics and collaborate under one service.
  • Connected Smart City – Apply beamSmart “Broadband for Emergency” and mobile IoE communication to enhance safety, citizen collaboration and provide concierge services.
  • Stay tuned – we keep you posted on how our partners innovating new markets and industries using Beam IOE platform.