Mobile Cloud IoE
“Platform as a Service”

Beam helps sync smartphones with the world of the IoE using encrypted Mobile Cloud Communication. You can easily customize to your personal needs and those of your community.

Beam uses machine-learning, integrated with geofencing technology, to allow users to easily collect, organize and deliver IoE content to targeted audiences.

Beam supports iOS, Android and Wins mobile platforms plus major browsers.

Customize IoE
or Mobile Pages Instantly

Custom "Pages" let you instantly launch limitless applications on any mobile device or browser. “Page” is your IoE chat room.

It is dynamic, encrypted and offers instant messaging from any device. With Beam you can share more than just pictures, locations, videos and audio.

You can broadcast feeds from your camera, share GPS, and relay content from any connected sensor or IP-based source of information. If there is anything that generates content, you can beam it.

Simple. Swift. Secure.
Create your own IoE service

What beam provides to developers?

  • An open API to its mobile-cloud messaging platform;
  • Mobile SDK for iOS, Android and Wins;
  • Tools to create and build browser based services.

What functions can be accomplished with Beam?

  • Stream live from any source of information;
  • Generate smart and instant alerts and notifications;
  • Create useful analytics using machine learning.

What are the paths to customize an IoE service?

  • Use of Beam tools and develop on your own;
  • Beam assistance connected to your services;
  • Partnering with one of our global development teams.