Internets Everything

The Only Unified Messaging Service
that Connects People, Information and Machines

We bring Mobility and
Personalization to IoT

Machines - act on their own without human intervention.
People - securely manage the influx of IoE content.
Organizations - easily and inexpensively customize IoE features.

Unified IoE

Beam facilitates conversations between a diverse range of devices including GPS and cameras that can automatically perform complex and mission-critical tasks without human management.

Instant Connectivity

The instant sharing of data between people and machines is a key attribute of the IoE. Beam removes unacceptable delays associated with existing mobile messaging and offers near-zero latency.

Private Collaboration

The data generated and shared by the IoE is sensitive and personal. Beam forms encrypted collaboration channels around events and ensures the highest levels of security and privacy.

Personalized Content Delivery

People can be overwhelmed by the overflow of content generated by devices. Beam's machine learning and geofencing technology offers one simple and effective way to collect, organize and share the right data with the right audience when and where it's needed.

Platform as a Service

Beam can easily and inexpensively be customized to make any organization safer, more effective and more efficient. Save time and money by instantly launching iOS, Android and Windows apps using our open mobile-cloud messaging technology.